Karlis Muznieks "We need the support of our fans"

We will have another important game on our own court - the first Eurocup game in Yuzhny. The head coach of BC "Khimik" Karlis Muiznieks told us about preparing for an important game. "Nizhny Novgorod"

- a very serious team, one of the strongest teams of VTB United League.

The enemy is good, and we need to be ready to show our best basketball. This is important, because for us it's debut - the first game in the Eurocup at home.

- Are you ready to play?

- Readiness should be fighting, there is no time to relax. Every week we spend two games, and every game we try to be tuned in a fighting. In the Eurocup game especially.

- What is easier - to play a team when they support or fans in the half-empty arena, as it was in Turkey?

- Sometimes players get nervous in front of their own fans, they feel a great responsibility. But we really need the support of our fans. I hope that they will help us on October 23. And we will try to show our best basketball.