Press conference after the game BC "Khimik" - "PAOK"

Romeo Travis, player of BC "Khimik": Basketball - this is a game where running. We ran in the first quarter, they run in the second, we ran in the third and did not allow them to run on.


As Paul Delaney said today, we just cut them a water. The most important thing - we played together as a team.

Karlis Muiznieks , head coach of BC "Khimik"

At the beginning it was obvious that our team is well tuned, we all succeed. But as seen in the statistics, we lost second quarter a lot. PAOK in the second quarter skillfully used our weaknesses and our insecurities . We lost rebound in the first half. In the second half they picked up only one rebound under our shield. In a sense, this is a key moment. In the second half we were able to return to the game , and were able to play as planned, and that was enough for our win.

DJ Cooper, player of "PAOK"

We started the game very poorly in the first quarter, but were able to return to the game. In the second half the same thing happened - we started the second half very bad, respectively, give the opponent a big advantage.

Sulis Markopulos, head coach of "PAOK"

Both teams wanted to win. We started the game badly, in the second quarter proved that we can play good defense, we had a choices in offense. The second half we started just as bad as the first, give the opponent get into the game, we were nervous. "Khimik" found their game in offense and continued at the same pace until the end of the game. Congratulations "Khimik" with access to the next stage of the competition.