Coach quotes "Khimik" - "Alba Berlin"

Alexandr Riabchuk player of BC "Khimik": First of all I want to congratulate "Alba", they did a good gift to his coach for his birthday. We had two problems tonight - defensive rebounds

and lack of teamwork .

Karlis Muiznieks, head coach of BC "Khimik"

Today was a tough game was a lot of fighting on both sides. "Alba"played all the time very aggressively  and made ??us make mistakes. But during the game we found the weapon against an opponent. All players who came out into the game, were well in the game , and this created difficulties for "Alba". Ending belong to us , but we did not take the right decisions at this moment . We had the decisive shot. During the game we were in the lead of eight points , but could not rebount the ball after a free throws, which could decide the fate of the game. In the end I think was my fault because I made ??the wrong decision about who should play the last minutes. I trusted our experienced players, had hoped that they could win , but they were wrong , everyone wanted to be a hero and do not take the right decisions.

Reggie Redding, player of BC «Alba»

First of all we were waiting for stronger game from "Khimik" game than in Berlin. In the first game "Khimik" played without their main guard Paul Delaney, and with him today - a completely different game. We were able to fight hard to win the match after a hard trip. We won. In over time, but we made it.

Sasa Obradovic, head coach of "Alba"

For us it was a game of character. You see, there were no good two-point and three-point shots, but we did not stop to fight and won the game. And at the moment we are in first place in the group and I'm happy with this. For the team "Alba" it was a good test of character - after such a hard trip to play the hardest game, and be able to win it.