Coach quotes "Khimik" - "Strasbourg"

Jamal Shuler, player of BC «Khimik»: "It was very important game for us. We lost three games in a row in Eurocup, but today we were like one team. We have won a strong french team, which took first place in French Championship. We have done everything that depended on us and now we are waiting for the result of Berlin's game.


Karlis Muiznieks, head coach of  BC «Khimik»

I think we had a good game tonight because it was the attitude that is needed in such games. There was a high level of responsibility of our players , they have fulfilled all the tasks and all 40 minutes were very good concentration. We controlled the game, but it was not an easy victory. The quality of this game and the result pleases me. Waiting for the game in Berlin.

Romain Duport, player of «Strasbourg»

This game was like a final for us, but we didn't play like a final. We played like a usually game. We were not ready physically and we played bed offence from the very begining of the game. So, Khimik deserved this win.

Vincent Colle, head coach of «Strasbourg»

At the beginning of the game we played well in defense, but then made too many turnovers - we had seven turnovers and then when we had to cut, again we were wrong, and it hurt us to overtake an opponent . When you allow a lot of turnovers you get asuch a result. Congratulations to Khimik and I wish them to get next round.