Vitaly Usenko: "The more games we play at the international level, the more confident players feel"

June 10 Ukraine U16 men's team began the final stage of preparation for the European Championships, which host in Kyiv this year. "16 players wiil come to training camp - all the people I called to the national team. All guys

are lucky, healthy, but there is little microtraumas" - said the head coach of men's U16 national team of Ukraine Vitaliy Usenko.

Your team is youngest, but there is a player who has played at the European Championships - it Sviatoslav Mikhailyuk. There are also basketball players, who played in the youth Euroleague. Do they their international experience help them during important matches Euro?

Thus, the list of candidates for the team are five players of BC "Donetsk" - Zotov, Khitov, Musienko, Starodub and Pavlov - which won the Premier Division of the European Youth Basketball League in the age group U16 (boys 1997 birth and younger). Mikhailyuk and Potapenko played the part of "Cherkasskie Mavpy" in the youth Euroleague teams of players born in 1996 and became bronze medalists. Undoubtedly, this experience will be useful to the players, because the more games we play at the international level, the more confident our players feels, especially when faced with any difficulty during the competition.

Ukraine U16 team has played in two international tournaments - in Belarus and Turkey, in addition, you had a duty in early May. The final stage of preparation last two places in which you have scheduled three friendly matches in Kiev, as well as trips to France and Lithuania. Please tell us more detail about the plan of preparation for the European Championships.

Now finally decided with who we will play in Kiev, considering several proposals. In Lithuania we will sparred from there the team U16. France will play teams from Greece, Croatia and France.

team Croatia - one of the strongest in the group at the European Championships, so the game with the Croatia, it seems to be particularly principled?

Two players from the current composition of the Croatian national team played in last year's European Championships, and I remember them. And here is the updated team Croatia I have not seen, so it will be interesting to see. Teams Greece and France, I saw, I would say that they have a very strong syllables. The Greeks - the winners and the French - bronze winners of the International Tournament in Turkey, called the small world championships. Of course, in the match against Croats be some tweaks are nuances that we do not want to display. However much sense to hide something now, in the era of high technology, no scouting works, see the video games of any team - not a problem. So we analizuvatymemo their game, just like we are.

From the rest of our teams at the European Championships are familiar team Latvia. Ukrainian team played with Latvian peers at last European Championships.

Yes, but what was left of one player. However, the team of Latvia, as well, and ours appeared in the tournament in Turkey, so I have records of all their matches. Another contender for the group currently known to us at least - is the national team of Italy - I know that the team is left with height 210 cm, and the fact that the leader of the Italians got the ten best young players in Europe. So as you can see, the rivals are very strong in us, we face a difficult task, but it is carried out.