The European experience of Odessa Cadets

Cadet National Team of Ukraine completed its performance on home European championship players 1997  (U-16). Coach Cadet national team of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board of coaching Odessa Regional Basketball Federation Vitaly Usenko

told the press service of the statement of Odessa OOFB players.

- During the period of the team's training in the cadet team brought a lot of players from our region , students of BC "Khimik" and SDYUSSHOR number 2 , - says Vitali Usenko . - It Bogdan Klimenko, Dmitry Kunchik , Ivan Vatazhok , Kirill Marchenko , Vitaly Shibel , Vladimir Chupira , Dmitry Rykin , Nikita Korobov , Paul Gaydayenko . In fact, two game fives.

- How many of them have been called to the national team under the flags of participating in a home Euro ?

- Not all of our guys could be better than the other players invited to the national team . In the summer training camp , which was caused by 16 people attended Vatajko planned , but due to an injury he could not be in the location of the command. Except it was Chupira , Marchenko and Shibel . The last two were in the application team for the EURO . From Chupiry who was with the team all the preparatory tournaments , I was expecting more in the end , but he could not show his best game .

- Did you study their future opponents ?

- Coaches studied participants of the championship and did not have any openings , the teams were familiar . Level teams that participated in the European Championships , was very high. Good physical fitness, delivered equipment players , and looked older than our competitors guys. We lost to opponents who entered the top eight teams of the continent . It's a shame gave way to the France team , even though they had a chance to speak at home EURO successful. Overall, the tournament was played 9 games and won four victories .

- But still , this tournament will benefit our youth?

- Of the 12 players registered for our team in the tournament for the first time this rank was attended by 11 people. Such events are very useful for them in terms of purchasing gaming experience. After all, the atmosphere of the European Championship is incomparable with all sorts of friendly tournaments . And the game saturation - 9 games in 11 days so that they have not passed .