BC "Budivelnyk" - BC "Khimik" 88:97

The central match of the tour Yuzhne "Khimik" took revenge "Budivelnik" in Kiev and designed early in the regular season championship of Ukraine Superleague Championship. Jamal Shuler was the best player of the match, scored a record for yourself 25 points per game.

 29.03.2014,Kyiv, Sports Palace, Championship, Superleague BC "Budivelnyk" (Kiev) - BC "Khimik" (Yuzhny) 88:97 (24:20, 22:24, 30:15, 27:23)

Central match of the tour began in the small hall of the Kiev Sports Palace with a confident spurt "Budivelnik" 6:2. Host team controlled the game until the middle starting quarter. But closer to the end of the first period yuzhnentsam managed a fight. Losing 12 points during the ten-minute, "Khimik" was able to reduce the gap to 6 points first, and then completely to a minimum. In healthy yuzhnentsev entered the game off the bench and Gatens Kovalenko. And yet, "Budyvelnik" failed ending quarter, which Kiev won with a score of 24:20. In the second ten-events unfolded in the same key.

Again "Budyvelnik" won the first half of the quarter, and the "Khimik" started to catch up in the second. The game was followed by a large number of violations in connection with four fouls than in yuzhnentsev was Artem Pustovoy. At the "builders" with three fouls completed the first half of Anisimov. By the end of the second quarter the score was equal, but in the latest attack 2 points brought his team Yanis Strelnieks. A big break rivals went with the score 46:44 in favor of "Budivelnik". In the third quarter, "Khimik" played in the usual for a fast basketball. Yuzhnentsy spent excellent start of the second half. Jerk 14:1 organized Travis and Schuler allowed the "Khimik" to seize the initiative and confidence to break away from the opponent. Impact quarter of wards Karlis Muiznieks allowed them to dial 30 points per quarter, tactics and tough and aggressive play in protecting opponent stopped at around 15 points. Thus, the "Khimik" had only to hold the result, made in the third quarter.

But in the fourth ten minute "Budyvelnik" still managed to join in the fight and forced to take two yuzhnentsev timeout for ten minutes. Mentor "Khimik" found the right words for his players, who in the end proved to be more cold-blooded and could confidently bring the match to win. Fat point in the match put Vitaly Kovalenko, who scored a beautiful slam-dunk and committed the final score of the match 88:97 in favor of "Khimik". Thus yuzhnentsy not only took revenge "Budivelnik" for the defeat in the first round, but issued early in the regular season championship.

Result of the remaining three games will not affect the "Khimik" before the playoffs, which is exactly yuzhnentsy play against a team that on the basis of "regular" take 8th place. In the next round, "Khimik" play against "Galychina" in Lviv. The match will start at 18.30 on April 1.


BC "Budyvelnik": Anisimov - 20 Lavrynovic - 16 + 8 rebounds, Minard - 16 + 8 rebounds + 7 assists, Strelnieks - 16 + 5 assists, Summers - 14 + 7 rebounds. "

BC "Khimik": Schuler - 25 + 5 rebounds, Gatens - 17, Travis - 15 + 7 assist+ 4 rebound, Delaney - 11 + 8 assist+ 4 rebound, Kovalenko - 11.