BC "Khimik" - BC "Azovmash" 61:77

In the last round match of the regular season championship of Ukraine Superleague Yuzhny "Khimik" could not withstand the onslaught of Mariupol "Azovmash". First defeat "Khimik" in the second round did not affect the standings Yuzhny team.06.04.2014, Yuzhny, FSK "Olimp", Ukrainian Championship "Superleague".

06.04.2014, Yuzhny, FSK "Olimp", Ukrainian Championship "Superleague".

BC "Khimik" (Yuzhny) - BC "Azovmash" (Mariupol) 61:77 (18:20, 14:19, 13:20, 16:18)

Game between the the "Khimik" and "Azovmash" had no tournament value for yuzhnentsev that said their motivation in the game. The first quarter was an equal fight, but in the end, "Azovmash" was able to pull out a victory and go to the first break with a lead of 2 points. Kirill Natyazhko, Igor Zaitsev and Denis Lukashov became the main strike force of Mariupol. Do yuzhnentsev as leader was Sergei Popov, whose long-hitting kept parity in the game.

In the second ten-minutes allowed an opponent to increase his lead. Again "Khimik" has lost a quarter, but this time with a difference of 5 points. A general backlog yuzhnentsev after a long break was seven points. Leaders of the "Khimik" catastrophic game was played in the attack. Moreover, the hosts lost the fight on the boards.

The third quarter was decisive in the match. "Azovmash" in the first three periods could increase the advantage to 14 points. "Khimik", in turn, scored just 13 points in a quarter, allowing the situation to overwhelm Mariupol. At the beginning of the fourth quarter yuzhnentsam failed jerk 4:0, followed by a time-out from "Azovmash". After talking with coach Mariupol returned the game back on track.

"Khimik" at the end of the match tried using pressure to save the game, but failure "Azovmash" did not last long. 61:77 Yuzhnentsy lost the game, but this defeat did not affect the overall result for the team during the regular season. "Khimik" in the quarterfinals will play against BC "Kiev". The first match will take place in the South on April 12.


"Khimik": Popov - 14, Travis - 11, Zavadsky - 9, Konev - 6.

"Azovmash": Natyazhko - 20 + 6 rebounds, Zaitsev - 18 + 7 rebounds, Lukashov - 11 + 8 rebounds, Pustozvonov - 11 + 6 rebounds.