Superleague. 1/4 Playoffs. BC "Khimik" - BC "Kiev" 84:55

Yuzhne "Khimik" took the lead in the quarterfinal playoff series the Championship of Ukraine. “Superleague” Wards Karlis Muiznieks defeated BC "Kiev" and the first step on the way to the semi-finals. Traditionally recruited glasses for "Khimik" mark all the 12 players.

12.04.2014, Yuzhny, FSC "Olymp", Championship of Ukraine, Superleague, quarter final, 1st game.

BC "Khimik" (Yuzhny) - BC "Kiev" (Kiev) 84:55 (26:14, 19:12, 19:11, 20:18)

In the first quarterfinal match of the series, where they met the "Khimik" and "Kiev", yuzhnentsy were much stronger than his opponent. Already in the first quarter of the owners of the site confidently seized the initiative. "Khimik" attacked mainly from distance, thereby managed to win the first quarter with a score of 26:14.

In the second quarter once again demonstrated yuzhnentsy fast basketball with a series of beautiful moments. Kiyani, in turn, scored only 12 points, unable to cope with the defenders. Already after the first half, "Khimik" won the match with a score of 45:26.

In the third quarter on the winner of the match was finally removed. Ten minute was identical to the previous two. Yuzhnentsev total control in all areas of the site, a number of long hits and excellent protection Kyivers forced to surrender long before the final whistle. In the third quarter yuzhnentsy celebrated the victory with a score of 19:11, and in the final period, which has become a formality, brought things to win. "Khimik" won the match 84:55, mobilized all players for match, led 1-0 in the series and thus congratulated Vitaly Kovalenko birthday. The return match will take place in Kiev on April 15.


"Khimik": Gatens - 13 + 5 rebounds, Shuler -11, Travis - 10 + 7 rebounds, Delaney - 8 + 5 + assists + 4 rebounds, 3 steals.

"Kiev": Sandul - 12 + 5 rebounds, Otverchenko - 12 + 4 rebounds, Bobrov - 10 + 4 rebounds, Krutous - 8 + 4 rebounds.