BC "Goverla" - BC "Khimik" 51:67

Last chance "Goverly" cling to the playoffs is not successful. "Khimik" once again won (13 straight wins), thereby solving the problems of the last eight trips to the top of the championship for the team Vitaly Chernov. In the quarterfinals yuzhnentsy meet with "Kiev".

04.03.2014, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Championship Superleague.

BC "Goverla" (Ivano-Frankivsk) - BC "Khimik" (Yuzhny) 51:67 (12:19, 18:16, 10:17, 11:15)

At this meeting, a victory over the "Khimik" allowed "Goverle" to continue the season in the playoffs. Yuzhnentsy, in turn, extended the victory and vyyvodili unbeaten in the playoffs BC "Kiev". Already in the first quarter of the guests have designated leadership.

Efforts Jamal Shuler, who scored 9 points in the first 10 minutes, "Chemist" was able to win in the first segment of the game 12:19. I contender was too many mistakes, which managed to level in the second quarter. Daniil Kozlov, Roman Gumenuk and Yuriy Frasenyuk could shall rejoice intrigue of the match. Toward the end of the first half, "Khimik" allowed an opponent to feel confident in their ability to press, which led to a series of losses among the guests. At the long break the team went with the score 30:35. Such a low efficiency was caused not a small amount of loss, misses and fouls from both sides.

In the second half , "Khimik" just do not leave a chance to the opponent. All the same Shuler by Konev and Gatensa organized comfortable handicap for your team . Yuzhnentsy 10:17 won the third quarter before the final quarter and had the advantage of 12 points. Content of the game in the fourth quarter did not affect the overall result of the match. Karlis Muiznieks again provided enough playing time to all players of his team , well, finish the game and does yuzhnentsy Ukrainian composition. Victory "Khimik" with a score of 51:67 brings the team from the south of Ukraine 13 win streak and knocks " Goverlu " of the fight for the playoffs. Instead of Ivano-Frankivsk in the quarterfinals of the team misses BC "Kiev" , which will have to fight just to "Khimik" for the right to play in the Superleague semi-finals . The final game of the regular season will take place in Yuzhny 6 April at 16.00. "Khimik" will take "Azovmash".

"Goverla": Kozlov - 11 + 8 + rebounds, 4 assists, Chemyakin - 10 + 5 rebounds, Lipovtsev - 7 + 5 assists.

"Khimik": Shuler - 19 Geytens - 11, Konev - 7, Kovalenko - 6 + 4 rebounds.