Play-off 1/2 finals. Khimik - Donetsk 78:67

Yuzhny "Khimik" opened the scoring in the semifinal playoff series, winning the "Donetsk" with a score of 78:67. The best players of the match were Roland Freimanis and Sergei Popov, on account of which the most important points of the team. The return match will be held on April 24.

22.04.2014, Southern, FSK "Olymp", Championship of Ukraine, Superleague Playoffs 1/2 finals, 1st game

The first match of the semifinal playoff series started a bit unexpected for Yuzhny fans. "Khimik" in the first attack was not able to earn points from under the ring, allowing in turn to throw a three-pointer Glebov in response to the attack. With this leadership, "Donetsk" began the first quarter of the match. "Tigers" in the lead up to the middle of the quarter, but after 7 points scored by Sergei Popov "Khimik" back in the game. And helped Matt Gatens, released instead Popov. But the guests worked fine pressure, which often made yuzhnentsev wrong.

In equal fight "Khimik" snatched victory in the first quarter with a score of 16:14. In the second ten-minute play was no less tense and hot. Nobody wanted to give. Both teams allowed many mistakes, while demonstrating no high effectiveness. Efforts Glebova, Kalnichenko and Chumakov "Donetsk" could impose yuzhnentsam good fight and win the second quarter 14:16. Thus, on a long break the team went for a tie 30:30.

In the second half of the match changed. The turning point came in the third quarter, when the Rolands Freimanis and Sergey Popov led the team forward. After the score 37:37 yuzhnentsy organized a number of steals and fast break. After the third quarter the score was already 55:46 in favor of the "Khimik".

9 points advantage was insurmountable for "Donetsk", which for the fourth quarter obviously slowed down. Team Valeriy Plekhanov was very fresh and fast in the first half but the second half of "tigers" is not enough. "Khimik" confidently controlled the match in the fourth quarter and without any problems brought the game to win 78:67.

The second game of the series will be held in the South on April 24. Match beginning at 18.00.

"Khimik": Freimanis - 16 + 7 rebounds + 3 assists + 2 steals + 2 blocked shots, Popov - 12 + 4 assists + 4 rebound, Pustovoy - 12 + 5 rebounds, Travis - 11 + 4 assists.

"Donetsk" Glebov - 15 + 5  rebounds + 4 assists, Kalnichenko - 13 + 6 rebounds, Kornienko - 12 + 9 rebounds, Chumakov - 11 + 5 rebounds.