"Khimik-2002-2003" finished the season

Past in Yuzhny June 17 and 18 exhibition games between the teams, "Khimik-2002-2003" and "Ishmael-2002-2003" became a kind of end of the season for Yuzhne team. Having won two wins in two games, the players, "Khimik-2002-2003" went on vacation until mid-July.


17.06.13g. "Khimik-2002-2003" - "Ishmael-2002-2003" 78:32

18.06.13g. "Khimik-2002-2003" - "Ishmael-2002-2003" 79:46

goal past friendly games was not so much the result, but show promising players of Ishmael, which in the future can top team of the South. Some of the children will be invited to gather in the South in July, after which the coaching staff of the club will decide on how to connect to the work of the team new team igrokov.Trener Vladimir Ponko said that in the new season, the team 2003g.r 2002. already represent UYBL, and therefore it is very important to build a serious battle-worthy team in this age group in the structure of the club.

Today, the entire program is executed on the season for the teams, "Khimik-2002-2003" and "Khimik-2001-2002", and the coach of the teams Vladimir Ponkotakes stock:

- In general, I am satisfied with the performance of the teams. The main thing is that in every age we have made. We are better than all the teams in the Ukraine, but much better themselves in the past year. Team 2001 2002g.r. Challenge UYBL-2000 last year was the thirteenth, this season was the eighth. In UYBL-2001 we were fighting for first place, but lost one point Dnepropetrovsk.

- And in what could participate in tournaments throughout the season?

- "Khimik-2000-2001" participated in two international tournaments - in September, Iron Port, where we took 1st place in October in Kramatorsk took third place. In the competition of Ukrainian Youth Basketball League we took eighth place. And in the month of May we played in the Open Championship of the South, which became the third. The "Khimik-2001-2002" and has participated in two international tournaments - in the Iron Port and Kramatorsk, in the championship of Ukraine in the framework of UYBL we spend 23 game, and eventually finished second, winning the silver medal. Open Championship of the South took first place. Finals of the competition we have dated for Day Khimik, and we are especially pleased to have this day to give the victory to all factory workers who love basketball, and support our team.

- R asskazhite a little bit more of an open city championship.

- In these competitions attended by seven teams, and we are very pleased to the fact that two podium places were won by the team of basketball club "Khimik". Among the seven members seats were distributed as:

7th - school № 4, Yuzhny

6 place - a secondary school. Fontanka

5th place - secondary school № 13 Odessa

4th - secondary school number 1 in Yuzhny

3rd place - "Khimik-2000"

secondary school number 2 spot in '48 Odessa

1st place - "Khimik-2001-2002"

- Can you mention any of the guys on the end of the season?

- I can say with confidence that our youth teams have a number of players that have a great potential in basketball. In my opinion, they can grow up to a professional level. While I will not name names. I would like to say that the guys we have selected are very good, and I'm in the final interview of the season I want to thank everyone for their good work. I like how the players are back in training, as they try to games, I can see how they have shaped the character of fighting, and they grow from children to athletes. This is very encouraging, and of course, want to see their continued growth. Very stimulate children competitions, games, participate in tournaments - domestic and international. We hope that next season we will have the opportunity to travel, checking herself in various competitions and raising skill.

Of course, all of our successes would not be possible without a great team that supports us and provides the team - as our own, and the whole club. So I want the players and parents, myself, I thank the staff of the SCR, the management and the trade union of the plant for all that you do for the development of basketball. Many thanks to fellow coaches, management and administration of the basketball club "chemist", our doctors, drivers. We always - home and away - feel great support we provide team.

Now the boys started the summer holidays, and we meet in the month of July - "Khimik-2002-2003" starts work on July 15, "Khimik-2000-2001" - July 24. After the first training camp the best players from both teams will participate in the collection, which will be held in Truskavets 9 to August 24. We will prepare for the next season, to set goals and achieve from doing.

- a good summer and you guys!

Svetlana Maltsev