The program fee is made in Truskavets

In Truskavets from 13 to 23 August, held a training camp two teams of BC "Khimik": 1999-1998 team (coach Vitalyi Kuznetsov) 2000-2003 (coach Vladimir Ponko ).

Coach Vitalyi Kuznetsov told about workout of "Khimik-99" team:


- The work was carried out according to plan and was a continuation of Yuzhny started in preparation: GPP technology; added the tactics of the game . But the main focus was on the physical and technical development of the players.

- What conditions are, as far as possible to diversify the training program ?

- The conditions are very good, the second time we've been to and very satisfied. Conditions are great : big room, swimming pool , stadium. Very well organized food and the weather did not let us down , allowing us to take that part of the training , which was planned in the fresh air.

- Tell us about the training program in the check-out.

- We've been working on for three days, with the rest on the fourth day . On training days was carried out on three workouts , and on the weekend we went to the pool. You can tell from the rest of basketball , but the stay was active. On weekdays conducted two full training, and the third , the evening - from 9 to 10 pm - consisted of games, relay races , contests and competitions. In the form of a game perfected shots from various distances and other important skills. I think we have enough to work productively . Let's see how the team will look like in the season, but the way people work in the summer, I like it.

- Are all now in the ranks ? Exercise full staff ?

- Unfortunately, one of our leaders Alex Tkachenko was injured . While he was recovering, works on the individual program . In September, he will come to the club, we will conduct another survey , and we will decide when he will be able to connect to the command. I think it will take a month to recover and work on a separate schedule , and in October , I hope the team will be working at full strength.

- Can we say that the team is ready to move to a higher level of the game ?

- Yes, I think that it is ready . A lot of guys have grown significantly , strengthened physically. I see that the team is growing faster in speed and in the basketball mindset. The process of physical growth and professional and I am very pleased that we had no injuries , and we fully carry out all the planned work program.

- What the plans are for the team for the near future ?

- We plan in September to take part in one - two friendly tournaments , check out the team in sparring matches, and will prepare for the start of the season .

- When will the season start for you ?

- So far we only know the schedule of the first round EYBL . The first round of Euroleague junior competitions will be held in Tallinn on 24 October . Most likely, by the time the season starts and Ukrainian . We will endeavor at all levels to achieve success .