Vladimir Ponko: "We are ready to start in the championship of the field"

The pre- junior teams born in 2003- 2000 . Which is headed by coach Vladimir Ponko consisted of several stages - Yuzhny collection , exit to Truskavets again work in the South - and in September for the youth teams will play the first serious test. On the sixth of September begins the Odessa region championship in basketball.

- Vladimir Ivanovich , mostly club team in September, will be more complete pre-season training , and you will be the first week of September to join the competition. Do you think you have time to prepare?

- We passed a very busy during the summer training. We used the most of all the opportunities our area (sea , sand) and rooms for our first home collection, which lasted 24 days and included a variety of workout thrice mode, and we spent three friendly meetings with counterparts from Russia , "Chekhov hawks " , won all three matches .

We finished the first phase of training in the southern third game with the team , " Chekhov hawks ", played with the 2001-02 year. It was already the 23rd day duties in the South , played against the backdrop of some fatigue , and won one point 55:54 . On August 12 , we went to Truskavec the second practice session . Seventeen boys went to the exit fee, where we worked in the training mode, three times a day to day under the scheme 2:1 - 3:1 - 2:1. The first training session we started at seven in the morning and continued until 8:30, the second workout - from 11.00 to 13.00 , and the third training - from 18.00 to 20.00. On a day with morning exercise and play pool. In this collection we played one-on- one tournaments , an American , three by three, all children tested for speed, endurance, strength . We also remembered and rehearsed some tactical cooperation. There were a lot of throwing and playing practice .

An important point of exit fee in Truskavets became friendly games with the team Drogobycha that allowed in practice to test our skills . We played with the team Drogobycha 1998 99g.r our boys 01g.r 2000 , and won with a score of 66:54 . The second game we played in 2001 , won with a score of 34:16 .

Collection was very rich and fruitful , very well said a change of scenery and a change of climate on guys . We can say that this change took off fatigue from the first collection, and we were able to train without slowing . Very good attitude to training showed all the players , and significantly strengthened over the summer , which can be seen now. We went through the whole period of training without the disease , the team has a good adaptation to changing conditions - and this is an important condition for achieving results during the tournament .

At the gathering came to us are new players , we will invite the new season. This Vladimir Makrovetsky of the city of Ivano - Frankivsk, striker ( height 194 cm) , Halushko Alexander , Kiev ( height 193 cm) , and the first room Shavgar Ilya Myrgorod . We have added a point players in the squad , I think these changes will benefit all of our team , and the team will add greatly to the game.

On the sixth of September we start in the championship field. Accept the team of yuzhny born in 2000 . Six teams will participate : Kealia , Ishmael SDYUSSHOR number 2 and School. Belostenny city of Odessa , Balta and Southern. A week later connect to the competition in 2001 - Games will be held in the city of Izmail ( 12 14.09.13g . ), Then teams will meet in 2002 Ovidiopol ( 19 22.09.13g . ) . At the end of the month we are planning to take part in the tournament in Sevastopol , and in early October to go to 2000 , the year the international tournament in the city Kramators'k.

Of course , speaking of the pre-season , I can not say that we are very grateful to the club for the excellent organization of the summer training period , and the leadership of the Odessa Port Plant for the great support children's basketball . Over the summer, the players got stronger , improved their health , was added to the preparation . Conditions were exceptionally good exit fee - this is a great power , the ability to perform all kinds of workouts to do in the pool, and combine exercise with recreation and cultural program. And I've seen it all the time , that children were given full training process . They are interested in basketball, and they spare no effort to increase their skills.

On the eve of the first of September, I want to wish good health to our children so that they have the strength to study and sports , health parents , and of course, new victories!

Svetlana Maltseva