Alexei Dibert: "Kids competition - a priority of the regional federation"

The first official event of the season , which will include youth teams - it's Championship Odessa area. Game boys born in 2000 will be held September 6-8 in the Yuzhny .

On the aims and objectives of the competition told our website OOFB vice president , deputy director of BC "Khimik" on Sports Alex Dibert .

- The task of the regional federation - the development and popularization of basketball. One important aspect of this activity is the development and promotion of children's sports. President of the Federation Gorbatko Valery Stepanovich and the first vice -president Boris Davidovich Litvak pose the main task - hosting children's events in the area. Whereas before, 10 years ago, the provincial federation accentuated his work mainly on Odessa and cities such as the South , and Ishmael , and now has been given the task of basketball development in the regions. We use various forms of work , guided by the interests of the children of certain ages. We carry a variety of festivals basketball involving children. These festivals take place during one day in the form of outdoor games , relay races , and after the Basketball Federation presents gifts to children , sets of game forms , game balls.

- Tell us about the format of the Championship of what has changed this year?


- In March, a meeting of the Presidium of the Federation of basketball , and it was decided to hold the championship field for one month - and not for the scheme when one age played in September , one in October and November . This was done with a view to enable teams of all ages participating in competitions of all-Ukrainian Youth Basketball League, to get match practice , participate in serious competitions and the best way to prepare for the season. The second task is to look at the Championship of promising players , the ability to continue to attract the guys in the professional clubs .

- Can we say that the growing interest in basketball ? Is there any confirmation of this today ?


- Geography of the Championship this year expanded significantly. The traditional centers - such as Odessa , Yuzhny, Ishmael , Kealia - already added Balta , Separate , Reni, Illichivs'k, Izmail district . Also seeing some positive changes in the girls' basketball. There was an original team in the Belgorod -Dniester, which is involved both in the Championship of the field , and in the all-Ukrainian competition. And it's only a year after they opened in the city district Basketball Federation . Virtually all ages participate in competitions Ovidiopol .

We are pleased that the geography increases, the number of children who are engaged in basketball. Although, of course , we realize that to the ideal - and even to good coverage - we still have a long way , because in the Odessa region in 16 schools there is a branch of basketball , and participate 6-7 teams. There are some difficulties , we are trying to overcome them. At the same time , we still have growth stocks .

- Can a little more about what exactly you see this reserve ?


- We're trying new ways of working , modern methods , attracting interest of specialists. This year, together with the Department of Education Regional Council we hold school sports born in 2002-2003 (previously covered these events students grades 10-11 ) . We have taken a decision to involve children in this age group is also to identify promising kids for further studies basketball. Child 10 years old can still come in basketball and grow into a professional player . So we expect that the conduct of school sports also give some impetus to the development of children's basketball in the area. All these efforts eventually add up to the success of our teams in the championship of Ukraine. We are proud when players from the Odessa region included in the national teams of all ages , professionals and grow to continue to promote basketball by his example and become a role model for future generations of children .

- I think in the end of the conversation would be appropriate to invite fans to compete in the South, the support team of young men in the first start of the season .


- Of course, we invite all our guests to yuzhnentsev matches - come, get sick , support the players. Competitions 2000g.r teams . will be held for three days - 6 , 7 and 8 September . Entrance to the hall is free. Regional Federation of basketball and the basketball club " Chemist" await fans in the stands. I wish success to all sports teams , basketball and interesting to all who come to cheer for the players.

Svetlana Maltsev