Championship region among boys born 2001

The "Khimik-2001" takes part in the Championship field, which takes place from 12 to 15 September in Ismail. The first opponent of Yuzhny's team was Kiliya - in this game, "Khimik-2001" was victorious with a score of 71:29.

09.12.13, the "Khimik-2001" - Kiliya 71:29

13/09/13, the "Khimik-2001" - Ismail 64:18

09.14.13, the "Khimik-2001" - Illichevsk 71:19

09.15.13, the "Khimik-2001" - SDYSHOR n# 2, Odessa 31:61

After winning three wins, and losing one game, "Khimik-2001" took second place in the championship.

According to the results of the competition place among the participants were distributed as follows:

5th place - Illichevsk

4th place - Kiliya

3rd place - Ismail

2nd place - "Khimik-2001", Yuzhny

1st place - SDYSHOR # 2, Odessa