"Khimik" vs. "Khimki". Revenge is taken

103 points was realize the second team "Khimik" in the second friendly game with "Khimki", conceding only 68. Double "Khimik" was set to win the game with "Khimki-96"

from the very beginning of the game, but in the first quarter the Russians were able to keep at a distance of four points (21:17). 

After the first successful attack early in the second quarter (21:20), "Khimki" for three and a half minutes could not get through to the basket home team. During this time Yuzhny team realized 10-0 spurt, and later the team of Alexander Pascenco developed its success from quarter to quarter. As a result, the game ended in a crushing victory  "Khimik" with a score 103:68.

BC "Khimik" second team:  Priymak -18, Goncharov – 14, Sidorov – 14, Baranov – 13, Petrov – 12,  Balaban – 9.

"Khimki-96":  Knyazev – 15, Ivanov – 12, Zuev – 10.