Scheme of the hall

Multi-purpose hall of a 42 by 48 meters for up to 2,000 people, is located on the third floor of the main building and is equipped with transformable bleachers. Under a universal hall has two training rooms and facilities for athletes unit: changing rooms, showers, massage rooms, rooms for doctors and the administration. On the ground floor there is a multi-level lobby with ticket offices and a cafe-bar, located in the atrium of the form. Expressive and dynamic interior details, mnogosvetovoe space created stained-glass systems, fills the room a sense of air and space. The back part of the building is reducing complex with a swimming pool and steam rooms of various kinds. Ground floor is occupied by the lobby for the audience, gyms, warehouses and engineering services complex. On the fourth floor are rooms engineering support, broadcasting center, hardware, ventilation chambers, balconies for commentators and TV cameras.


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FSC "Olymp"

The early years of the club acutely felt the need for their own site. Small Hall DK "Friendship" could not accommodate all who want to observe firsthand the development of basketball battles.

The decision to build the factory sports complex (FSC) was taken at a meeting of the staff of the IPF in 2000. Already in November 2000. construction began on the project of the winner of the State Prize of 2000 in the field of architecture Seregina Yu, general contractor of the Company was "Santa" (Director Zelinsky AS).

The complex is located on a raised podium with terassirovannymi slopes. The main entrance is designed landscaped amphitheater and a stage for gala concerts, surrounded the perimeter of light and music fountain. For hotel located in the park open sports grounds. The whole area landscaped, planted, decorated with a decorative paving. Memorable appearance arena forms the roof of the three mating cylindrical shells, which form a central part of the diagonal arch span of 82 meters.

The hotel complements the complex. Most rooms are oriented to the south, allowing insolirovat them 4-6 hours a day, and deep balconies with panoramic view of the Gulf of Odessa and protect the premises from overheating. Patio Hotel glassed - is an atrium with a winter garden and panoramic lifts. On the ground floor of the hotel lobby, restaurant and health and fitness center, to the roof - a summer terrace. On the roofs of the upper floors installed solar system water heating.

The main parking lot located on the perimeter of the universal audience. Separate building boiler room is more like a sculptural monument, made in the style of "high-tech" than a technical construction.

Specific words deserve careful exterior and interior decoration. Making interior lobby, cafe-bars and other representative rooms made ??on individual projects, with particular attention paid to the floors of granite. The special design of the floor of the playing hall light Canadian maple provides exceptional performance. Air conditioning throughout the volumes of space, including underground, not only provides comfort to spectators and athletes, but also the conditions of normal use of the floor. Lighting concept sports complex as a whole and its individual room details thought through. Exterior lighting of the building is provided by halogen spotlights mounted on the central square. In illumination Hall utilizes the latest technology backlight. In the gym used special projectors with asymmetric light distribution, which does not dazzle the spectators and participants.

It is difficult to list all of the nuances and technical features that ensure ease of use and aesthetic pleasure of visiting this beautiful in every way modern sports facilities. There is a natural sense of gratitude to the people who planned and carried out the project..

Today, looking at the beautiful palace, a real pearl of the South, we see that all involved in the task brilliantly managed.

For almost four years the way from prototype to a majestic complex of buildings: a gymnasium, hotel and ancillary facilities that have unfolded against the backdrop of the sea horizon.

Ambitious, successful architecture, modern engineering equipment, high-quality construction put FSK with the sonorous name "Olymp" in the Yuzhny in the category of the best in Ukraine.