Artem Pustovoy "Proud to have been in the national team"

Interview 1

Pustovoy: «Played against good players, it’s a very useful experience for me»

Player of BC "Khimik" Artem Pustovoy represented our country in the national team at Euro 2013. After returning to the club we asked him to share his impressions of the European Championship in Slovenia.

 - I am very happy that I got into the national team this year. Last year represented Ukraine in the youth team, and this year - in the national.  It is a great honor.

- What was the mood in the team? What has helped to achieve a good result?

 - This year has been collected fairly young squad of players in the national team. Everyone tried, worked for the result, for the country. All had a very strong will to win.

- What games did you participate, what do you remember?

 - Really liked the Slovenian team, she has a strong roster. Although I am not much time spent on the court, but played against good players, it’s a very useful experience for me. Took part in the games  with Great Britain and Latvia.

- Have you had specific tasks at the European Championship ?

 - Our objectives were changed:  first  - out of the group, then we had the task enter  the top eight, and later - to get to the World Cup. So, the team did in the end.

 - We could see our Ukrainian fans  in the broadcasts of games from the championship. Tell me how you felt  this support at the games in Slovenia?

 - It was very nice  when I saw a familiar face.  Our fans were not a lot, but the players all the time to feel supported.

 - Congratulations with the successful completion of the European Championship! We hope you'll keep a good attitude in the championship of Ukraine, in the games of our team. And next year  get into the national team and take part in the World Cup!

- I'll do my best!