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Basketball Club "Khimik" includes team Super League, FA, 1st League, as well as children's and youth teams, sports school. The task of the management of the club is the development of children, youth and professional sports, basketball and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Pupils BC "Khimik" in favor of the national team of Ukraine.
Super League Team BC "Khimik" - a bronze medalist of the Superleague and Cup of Ukraine, winner of the FIBA Challenge Cup, member of the Euroleague FIBA.
We are pleased to offer the placement of advertising media with your company logo on electronic banner ads sports complex "Olimp" during basketball games involving teams of BC "Khimik" Yuzhny Ukraine in the season 2008/2009 and on numerous advertising media directly related to the BC "Khimik”
home arena BC "Khimik" is a sports complex "Olimp". Sports complex "Olimp" is one of the best sports facilities in Ukraine, was built in 2004. For the first time fans of a healthy way of life the opportunity to receive a variety, and, most importantly, quality services that meet international standards and requirements. The magnitude of the complex,
his successful architecture, ultra-modern engineering equipment, the use of the latest construction techniques and materials, the high quality of construction work put sports complex with the sonorous name "Olimp" in the South in the category of the best in Ukraine and Europe.

< br /> The hall can accommodate around 2,000 fans, in addition, thousands of viewers watching live broadcasts of sporting events via "Megasports».

The possibility of advertising during matches:

1. - On an electronic billboard "Barсo" 0,8 x 28 meters (60 spins)

2. - On video screens "Barсo" 3 x 4 meters (2 pcs) (60 spins)

3. - Accommodation at the same time on video screens and electronic banner entire season (30 games with the Eurocup)

4. - On the banner 1 x 5m (above the stands)

5. - bump stop on the 1 x 1.5 m along the front line

Also we can offer you the following services:

- rent the gym for sporting events that do not require conversion of the hall (volleyball, basketball)
1 day 1 hour
- rent the gym for sports activities requiring conversion of the hall with view of the work for the conversion of the hall.
- Conduct any, including non-sporting events, including installation /
dismantling, refurbishment of the hall, use of meeting room, locker
- rent a conference room in the hotel "Ellada»
The hotel has at its disposal a large conference room, specifically designed for seminars, meetings and other events. Large room for 65 people divided in half, making it possible to take apart than the numerical group.
1:00 4:00 1 day

Advertise on promotional materials:

- The facade of the complex
- Hall
- Create photo banners of players, advertising banner at the bottom, placing in the lobby
- The edge of the stairs
- Dressing
- Labels on the floor
- Advertising on the bus
- screens in the hall
- Skirting the edge of the arena
- Fixed stretch banners for General, title and brand sponsors.
- Players'
- Advertising on the floor
- Advertising in the program for the match
- Carrying out PR and advertising campaigns in the lobby of the complex before the match
- Advertisement on monitors in the lobby of the complex
- Ice sculptures (logo) on the territory
- Inflatable statues
- Logo on the back of the ticket
- Club Internet sites and partners
(http://bc.khimik.com . ua http://basket.net.ua http://www.elladahotel.com http://www.olimpsk.com)

list of advertising media.

1. Game form

Sponsor has the right to place its logo on the game form the first team during official matches of the Super League, as well as in the European cup matches.
Sponsor's logo on the form of a game of basketball players underlines the special status partnership. Advertising on the form of a game will offer exceptional, it provides a large audience reach (games are widely reported in the press, on the Internet, on TV), and the presence of information about the sponsor not only at home but also on the club's away games.

2. Panels in the press center

Sponsor has the right to place their logo on a billboard in the press center.
Sponsor's logo on the special backdrop behind the coaches in the field of photography and camera ensures the presence Information about the company during the press conferences. Press conferences are held after each game with head coaches and journalists accredited to cover the club matches.

3. Tickets and season tickets for the match

Sponsor has the right to place its logo on the front side of tickets to each home game of the club, as well as on the cover of season tickets.
Tickets and passes are for every fan of some of the the most valuable attributes of the football season. Subscribe kept throughout the season, so your company logo has repeatedly come to the attention of fans. Basketball tickets periodically participate in the prize draw, which also allows you to draw additional attention to the fans of your company.

4. Official programs from the match

Sponsor has the right to place a logo or advertising page A5 in the official program notes for each home game.
The program, which is a bright, colorful and informative publication, is a powerful marketing tool able to increase the popularity and visibility of your brand and attract the attention of a large audience of football fans - your potential customers.
applets are distributed free

5. Posters of the matches

Sponsor has the right to place the logo on posters A1.
Posters with announcements of home games the team hung for 3 days before each match in the 30 most crowded places in the city. The bright design posters invariably attract the attention of thousands of fans, and, consequently, in their field of vision gets your company logo.

6. Club Bus

Sponsor has the right to place the logo on the club's coach.
The bus is used to transport the team members in certain regions to participate in its next Super League games.
Accommodation options: left and right side bus.

7. Promotional campaign

Sponsor has the right to conduct promotional shares in the lobby, in the days of home games, as well as the organization together with the promotion-actions within the city events.
All PR-activities of the , aimed at strengthening the positive image of our partner, promote maximum awareness, as well as the most effective promotion of its brand.
Options for promotion-actions:
- awarding prizes / gifts (best player, veterans, etc. .);
- competitions;
- distributing promotional printed products sponsor.

8. Banners on the pages of online sites

Banner advertising - advertising web site user page, logo, etc. by placing banner ads on our sites. One of the most popular ways to advertise online that will effectively increase traffic to the websites of our sponsors.

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